Healthy learning.
What if… in the middle of a global pandemic we turn our eyes over to our kids
The Spotlight for Kids is an information and educational tool for kids, but most importantly it is a way for the kids to have emotional support during the difficult times brought on by the COVID 19 pandemic.
Returning safely to school
In the middle of the worst pandemic in recent history, children have had to change their activities in a drastic way. This can be a cause of anguish, frustration and sometimes not understanding the changes happening in the world that surrounds them.
During the first months of the pandemic, the Mexican Government introduced what has become known as the “stoplight” map, which shows the risk of coronavirus infection nationwide. The stoplight map communication campaign has been addressed mainly to the adult population and through channels that are rarely engaging to children.

We believe there is a need for a focused approach where kids can better understand what is actually going on, how they can take care of themselves and their classmates, and a way for them to feel safe and secure to return to their school life.
We approached and worked hand in hand with various elementary schools in five communities in the periphery of Mexico City: the territory Azcapotzalco. Together with authorities, teachers and parents we developed Spotlight for Kids.
The Spotlight for Kids is an information and educational tool for kids. Through this project, we hope to bring kids a way for them to feel comforted, emotionally and psychologically. The Spotlight displays information about Covid-19 in an engaging and easy way designed for kids, such as safety measures or how to deal with feeling confused, lonely or afraid.

To do so, the Spotlight for Kids is equipped with the following:
A Stoplight that will be lit to signal a current phase of the pandemic using the standard color code proposed by the Mexican Government — while also allowing each school to react to local conditions for safekeeping their community.
A safety  sensor-activated Ultra Violet Germicidal Irradiation disinfection spot for mobile devices and small objects.
Reacting to the current color of the Stoplight, the Beacon will transmit didactic, fun and easy-to-read data for kids and parents —in order to inform and remind them about what each phase means.
The Spotlight for Kids is designed to keep safe distancing and as a visual cue to remind kids about it.
With all the flooding of information being put forward, it’s easy for kids to feel overwhelmed. Our Kids deserve to feel safe and be taken care of.
As an extension of Spotlight Kids, the same concept can be taken to public spaces in the city, such as: citizen service centers, the subway and government offices.
— Public and private elementary schools in Mexico City: Tool to communicate the conditions and status of the pandemic, Mechanism to help hygiene measures for the pandemic.

— Government of Mexico City (to be able to reach the child population in a didactic way to transmit messages about the pandemic, participation of health authorities to prepare content)

— Communities of marginalized areas in the periphery of the territory of Mexico City: AZCAPOTZALCO.

— Communities of Children’s schools: Psychological help in an understandable language to manage stress and doubts about the pandemic, stay informed about the measures they should follow without fostering fear, a place where they can disinfect their things.

— Teachers of public and private elementary schools: through the participation of content, language, etc.

— Design and multimedia professionals: participation of video content and information.

— Local businessES.