Turning ideas into action.
Building up communities through multi-disciplinary practices where any citizen, institution and business can come together to develop local economic opportunities and solve challenges for future livable cities.
A place of unlimited ideas and concrete actions.
The Community Innovation Lab is a new approach on work, economic growth and wellbeing, a journey into the city of the future.

Built-in spaces and participation methods on the Lab are designed to maximize creativity, productivity and engagement of communities.
Solutions that grow communities.
Through a sustainable productive system, the Lab delivers community-based, well-thought products that seek to respond to local needs and open economic opportunities.
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Lab Azcapotzalco, Mexico
Lab Oaxaca, Mexico
The Lab is never the same, because no city is the same.
Each city is the answer to everything that happens in it: history, culture, nature and people. The relationship they have with each other is what makes every city unique.

Harnessing these relationships, the Lab adjusts to each context to achieve efficient results.
The best of everyone, made for everyone.
Being part of a community is much more than living in a place, it is sharing, creating, collaborating and reimagining. It is discovering and solving problems together.

People are the spirit, the hands and the inspiration with the power to transform cities. They are the key to achieving creative, productive and livable cities. The Lab provides, not only the space to gather ideas, but also the tools and the people to reap the best of each person for present and future generations.

The Lab encourages people to come together in unity, to become a better community.
Live. Art. Work. Play. Repeat.
The Lab’s methodology is characterized by strategic business thinking, social Research & Development, creative innovation and civic environmental focus.

The Lab’s physical spaces are critical to ensure the dynamic and collaborative enactment of its methodology.

Our process strives to find new ways in which communities, institutions and businesses get involved and come together for a greater good.
Turning ideas into action.
By Culturans