Culturans helps create thriving cities and communities through the power of arts & culture.
We advance local development internationally by democratizing the tools and outcomes of:

+ Urban Innovation
+ Creative Economies
+ Civic Engagement & Education

+ Urban Innovation
+ Creative Economies
+ Civic Engagement & Education
our creative citizens approach
We bridge artistic imagination, scientific curiosity, and community identity to change mindsets and address public issues at the heart of where human connections begin the social fabric of a city.
Our vision of the social fabric spans hemispheres, cultures, and sectors - connecting grassroots organizations and communities, scientific research institutions, and local governments.

Our methods, programs, and solutions foster collaboration, enable holistic perspectives on real-world issues, build capacity and outstanding talent, and improve the way life is experienced in every community and place.
Culturans helps create thriving cities through the power of art, culture and social innovation.
We work globally with a holistic and local focus to address urban and public issues - linking urbanism, creative industries, community development and environmental sustainability.

We collaborate with grassroots communities, scientific institutions, and government agencies to create pathways for human-scale and bottom-up urban transformation.
Life without heroic deed is no life at all.
                   — DAVID GEMMELL
Life without heroic deed is no life at all.
                   — David Gemmell
the RENAISSANCE creative citizens™ approach
Our practice of sustainable urbanism is driven by the idea of creative citizens. This "citizenship" is not an ID card —it is a way of life that empowers citizens to use their creativity to shape and improve their cities. Citizens are more than just consumers, voters, and taxpayers; they can also be problem solvers for their communities. This creative democratic force is not limited by nationality, geography, or skin color —it is a core human experience that can be harnessed as a tool to build a better future, from the bottom up.
Cities are territories of solutions created by others —a network of Creative Citizens. The vision of a collaborative social fabric that spans hemispheres, regions, sectors, industries, and backgrounds guides our connection with citizens from all walks of life, grassroots communities and organizations, scientific institutions, and government agencies.
Over the past decade, our team has developed the Creative Citizens™ Methodology, inspired by the social innovation system of the 15th century Italian Renaissance —a time when ordinary citizens were able to develop extraordinary talents and knowledge that contributed to the betterment of their society. Public works of art, urban solutions, scientific inventions and creative enterprises that emerged from community innovation laboratories —the Bottegas— transformed disadvantaged, troubled cities into models of beauty, prosperity, and well-being. Driven by the pillars of art, knowledge, and community, the Creative Citizens™ Methodology combines imagination, research, and social entrepreneurship to transform cities on a collaborative way.