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Social Innovation and Community Development Through Creative Economies
Siti UNESCO International Year of Creative Economy for Sustainable Development
Alessio Aureli
Urban and Territorial Economic Development
Atlas: Public Cultural & Media Arts Centre
Eva Diego
“Culture in itself is a tool for economic development, because creativity generates new economic options.”
'Real Life' Sustainable Urbanization
Danielle Labbé
“The circumstances under which things are happening and the forces at play in the south, call for putting into question the standard tools, the standard practices in the north.”
by the people
Mexico Cityroom by Carla Xu
Carla Xu
“We share to others, to try to let people know our stories”
What does Culturans mean?
"We believe that Culture is: the art & science that stems from a practical responsibility of living somewhere."
by the people
Caracol de Viento by Brenda
Brenda Ruiz
(About volunteering) "... if you like it, recommend it to one more. So that it becomes a huge chain of people who want to do something different for their generation or the next or the next."
by the people
Oasis Iztapalapa by Nancy
Nancy Ramirez
“We're not just a degree. We're not looking just for that[...]Something guiding us is wanting to influence what is out there”
by the people
Cultural Centre on Wheels by Aitana
Aitana Galaviz
“You learn and are filled with knowledge to share it”.
by the people
Alterritorios by Mon
Mon González
“I have discussed it with friends I met at the workshop. We want these freedom spaces to return, where creativity flows.”